Security Policy

Cancri eTech, is a provider of IT services, consulting, and business solutions, offering consultancydriven, technology services and solutions. In the course of its business activities, Cancri eTech may have access to sensitive business data including personal information, safeguarding the same of which is vital to Cancri eTech and the business interests of its clients.

Our Security Vision is to establish Cancri eTech as a trustworthy, durable, and impervious entity amidst the ever-changing and unpredictable landscape of circumstances, incidents, threats, and breakdowns. This Security Policy reaffirms our dedication to safeguarding all the data and resources under our possession or stewardship, thereby guaranteeing an effective, risk-free, and protected operational milieu for Cancri eTech and its clientele.

You can trust that Cancri eTech will establish a robust security framework.

Safeguarding information and assets from unauthorised access by implementing appropriate security measures encompassing physical, digital, and personnel security adherence to legal and regulatory obligations throughout its worldwide operations.

Uninterrupted business operations aligned with business needs and commitments to stakeholders. Incorporation of security duties of different departments and individuals to comply with this Policy. Sufficient security consciousness and proficiency among employees at all organisational levels to fulfill these obligations.

Channels for employees and other stakeholders to report security vulnerabilities, breaches, or service disruptions. A strong incident response framework to address security vulnerabilities, breaches, or service disruptions, and supervision of security performance against relevant goals and objectives, facilitating ongoing enhancements. This Policy will be reinforced by Standards, Procedures, and Guidelines through Security Management System and will be accessible to all parties involved who are required to contribute to the efficient implementation and adoption of these security standards. The Security Management System will be periodically reviewed to ensure its continuing applicability and relevance to our operations and evolving interested parties’ expectations.

This Policy will encompass Cancri eTech operations worldwide and its wholly owned subsidiaries in all regions, and will be enforceable for all its employees, business partners, and external entities with authorised access and usage rights to its infrastructure, IT systems, and Information resources.